Select “Apps” from the left hand side menu, to open the Application Management page:

NoPassword Add form-based apps management










Edit an app setup by selecting the app’s name and then clicking the “Edit App Setting” button.

 NoPassword add form-based apps edit








The dialog below will appear, and you can adjust the settings as needed

NoPassword add form-based apps setting









Tip1: By default, users don’t have access to see and change credentials of the app. You may change this setting by checking “Allow all users to change credentials of this app” and saving this setting.


To Assign apps to users or groups:

Choose the app from the “Existing Apps” box and click on “Assign user/group” button

edit form-based app choose app










Assign new users and groups to apps and save the setting.

NoPassword add form-based app assign user











To Reset the password for an individual or group start by finding and choosing the app in the “Existing Apps” box. Then click on a user or group name.

NoPassword Add form-based apps set password










Enter the login credential for that user or group and save.

NoPassword add form-based apps credential









Tip2: Keep in mind that if you are entering a password for a group, the credential will be shared among all the members of that group. You may assign the application to individuals and set individual credentials for each user if you don’t wish for them to share credentials.

Tip3: There is also an option to “Auto Generate Password“. If you use auto generate, please make sure that you reset the password within the application to match the new auto-generated password as well.