Once you set up Geofencing and IP Policies, you can manage these policies and assign access to these policies through Access tab.

Simply click on “Policy” on the left side of the menu and then choose “Access” from the submenu.

Access Management Policy


You can create new policies by Clicking on the “+New Policy”.

+New Policy- Automated User Management


Set up the policy as you need and simply “Save” it. If you already created Geofencing and/or IP policies, simply select any of those policies from the drop-down options. Set “Policy level“, and set “Policy Time Range” if needed.

Add Policy


You can assign Policy Levels to each application by choosing the application name from the menu. 

Policy Level- Cyber security


You can choose “Permanent Policy” or “Temporary Policy” and set the date for that temporary policy. 

Add Policy- Temporary Policy

The policy can be a “Permanent Policy” or “Temporary Policy“. Choose the date for Temporary Policy and then simply click on “Apply”.