1. Select “Applications” from the left side menu to open the Application Management page and select “Web App” from the submenu.

add sso click webapp


2. To add a new SSO application for your users, click on “+ Add SSO App” button.


3A. The dialog below will appear and if the SSO app exists in NoPassword Catalog, simply search for the app.

Add sso app catalog


3B. If your app is not in the catalog yet, click on the “Custom” tab and enter the application name.NoPassword add custom sso app


4. The configuration dialog will appear next. Or, you can click on “Identity Provider” tab to continue.

Catalog SSO App- Two-Factor-Authentication


Download the “Certificate” and “Metadata” and copy the “Entity ID“. Click on the “Read step by step guidelines here” hyperlink to view the detailed instructions for any specific app. If your app is not on the list, please submit a ticket and we’ll add the integration for you.


If you added a custom app, you need to click on “Service Provider” tab and provide “ACS” information before saving. You can get the ACS data from the service provider metadata or website.SSO app ACS service provide
Edit SSO Apps
You can edit an app setup by selecting that app and clicking on the green setting button.


The setup window will appear that allows you to change or delete the app.

Service Provider


You can assign or unassign new users, groups and roles to an application by clicking on the green “Assign/ Unassign” button.

Assign-Unassign User/Role/Group Authenticator


Then search users, groups, or roles, select the targeted users and save.

Search User/Group/ Role.Automated User Management

To remove any of the assigned users click on the “Selected” tab and click on the orange delete button or click on “Remove All” button. 

Remove All Assign Members