For viewing and editing user privileges:

1.Select “Users” and then “Admins” from the left hand side menu. 

Admin Privileges- Administration- Users


2.Click on “Level of Privileges ” to view the different levels of user and group privileges.

Level of Privileges- Automated User Management


3.Click on “Assign Privilege to User” on the top right side of the page to edit user privileges.

Assign Privilege User Administrator-  Authenticator


4.The dialog below will appear, and you can click on “Assign/Unassign” to adjust privileges for relevant users or group. 

Assign- Privileges -Assign-unassign- Two Factor Authentication


5.Click on the “Selected” tab to view the assigned user(s) or group(s) for each privilege level.

Selected User- Pre-Integrated Apps


To Assign users to a privilege level,

1.Select the users or groups and “Save“.


You may remove users individually or click on “Remove all” and “Save“.

Remove All- Delete -Assign Members- Multi Factor Authentication