Select “Applications” from the left side menu and click on “Web App” to open the Application Management page.

Application Management-Web App


Edit an app setup by selecting the app’s name and then clicking on the green “Setting” button.

Linkedin Application MAnagement


The “App Setting” window will appear, make changes as needed.

Each user can change their own credential if you activate that option by clicking on “Allow all users to change credentials on this app“.


You can change the credential for each user by choosing that user from the “Selected” tab and clicking on the green setting button next to that user.

Application Management setting


You can edit the username and password manually or use the “Auto Generate Password” option.


Click on the red icon next to the password to see the existing password.


You can assign new users to an application by selecting that application from the “Existing Apps” lists and clicking on the green “Assign/Unassign” button.


Assign -Unassign Application Management


Choose the user, group, or role by simply clicking on it and saving the changes.


To remove the access of users to the application, click on the “Selected” tab. Click on the red trash icon to remove users, groups, or roles one by one or click on “Remove All” to remove all access with one click.

Assign members- Remove all- Remove one