Login page for admins and end users is the same:  NoPassword.com.

Once a user or an admin is logged in, they will see their unique launchpad.  

Login page NoPassword


The first time that admins log into their account, they will be automatically redirected to the admin portal – “Dashboard”.

NoPassword Dashboard


Once the admin assigns apps to themselves, they will see the assigned apps in their launchpad.

Please note that the admin launchpad is very similar to the end users’ launchpad. The main difference is that the users DO NOT see Admin Portal button on their launchpad and don’t have access to the admin dashboard (shown above). 

NoPassword Admin Dual Factor Authentication


Note: End users only see the apps that are assigned to them on their launchpad. If the admin adds users but doesn’t assign apps to them, the users’ launchpad will be empty when they log in.

Following screenshot shows a sample of an end user’s launchpad with added apps.