1- Installation
  • Open the NoPassword installation file. 

Open NoPassword agent


  • Click on “Continue” to start the installation.


  • Continue to the next step.

NoPassword Workstation Installation 2


  • Click on “Install”.


2 – Registration 
  • The NoPassword setup page will open automatically. Click on “Get Started”.

NoPassword Workstation Getting Started


  • Enter your computer login information.

Workstation Registration1


  • Configure both methods of authentication. First, click on “NoPassword App “.

Workstation authentication configure


  • You will receive a notification on your phone, go ahead and accept and provide your biometrics on the app.

Confirm NoPassword app


Please keep in mind that you may see “New Device” or “Suspicious Activity” on your application. This notification happens because you are registering your computer for the 1st time. 

Workstation verify your identity


  • The window below will appear. Simply click on “NoPassword Face” to set up the Face authentication.

Workstation Mac configure face


  • Click on “Continue” to start setting up the face authentication.

Workstation Setup Face Authentication


  • Click on “OK” to allow NoPassword access your camera for authentication purposes.

NoPassword access camera


  • Click on “Start Face Setup” to register the face biometrics.

Start Face Setup


  • Follow the instructions and move your head and smile when prompted.

Face setup 2


  • Click on “Start Face Test” to ensure your face biometric is properly registered. 

Test Face Setup


  • Click on “Next”.

authentication method complete


  • Choose your primary authentication method by clicking on it and then clicking on “Next”.

If you are using MacOS Mojave, it is recommended to use “NoPasswod App”. Contact NoPassword support team if you have any questions.

Primary authentication method


Your registration is complete. 

To reconfigure the NoPassword setting, click on the Apple icon on the left top side of your screen and then choose “System Preference”.

System preference


Click on the NoPassword icon.

NoPassword icon


You can uninstall NoPassword or click on “Open NoPassword” to restart your registration and reset your biometrics.

NoPassword workstation preference panel


3 – Login

To login with NoPassword, simply turn on your computer. Depending on your primary method of authentication, you will be redirected to login with you “NoPassword App” or “NoPassword Face”.

If your primary method is “NoPassword App”, you will see the following window. Click on “Authenticate with NoPassword App”.

You do not need to type a password.

Login NoPassword workstation mac


  • You will receive a notification on your phone. Accept the request and provide your biometrics on the app. You will be logged into your workstation upon successfully providing your biometrics. 

NoPassword workstation app login mac

Workstation verify your identity


  • Alternatively, if your primary authentication method is “NoPassword Face”, you will see the following window. Click on “Authenticate with Face”. Position your face and you will be automatically authenticated locally on your computer. 

You do not need to type a password.Unlock workstation face


Any questions? Feel free to contact us at 877-877-5587 or support@nopass.com.