For managing roles, select “Users” from the left side menu and then choose “Roles” from the submenu.

MAnage-Roles- Authenticator


You can create a new role, simply enter the new role in the “Add New Role”  field and click on the green “+” button.

Add New Role- Automated User Management


The Assign User window will appear. You can assign users/groups by searching for users/groups, selecting them and then clicking on “save“.


Click on the “Selected” tab to view the assigned users and groups for each role.

Assign Users Selected- OneLogin


Click on “Edit” to edit or remove each role.

Edit User-Remove User- 2FA


To remove a user from a role, click on delete.


You can Assign/Unassign users to a group, by selecting the group and then clicking on the Assign/Unassign button.

Assign-Unassign Roles


You can assign new users or groups by clicking on “User” or “Group” tab and select users/groups.

Manage Roles-Users- Multi Factor Authentication


Assign User window will appear. You can remove all the selected users by clicking  “Remove All” or click on the Trash icon and delete a particular user. Keep in mind to click on Save when you are done.

Multi Factor Authentication- Selected to remove