Log into your admin account.

  1. Click on “Admin Portal” on your NoPassword Launchpad.

Admin Portal- NoPAssword


2. In the Admin Dashboard, from the left side menu select “Users”.

Users- NoPass- All Organization


3. Click on the “+ Add User” button as shown below.

+Add User


4. Add users’ information. Keep in mind it is necessary to fill out the first four fields, including the user’s email, secondary email, first name, and last name. The rest of the information is optional. After entering each user’s info, click on the“Save” button. Then add the next user.

Save New User-NoPass


For Office 365 and other apps that integrate via ADFS, use “User ID” field to enter user’s immutable id.
Click on “Users” and you can see all your users. If you choose to edit any of the users, simply click on the user to edit their information. See below for some examples.

Users-Edit-Google-NoPass- Two-Factor-Authentication


5. Once you select the user, you can edit the user’s “Attributes” and “Entitlement” as well as “Suspending Access, “Resend Activation” and “Sessions”. Once you are done with editing the user’s info, click on the “Save” button.

nopass- Edit-User-Session


If a user asks you to resend the invitation email, go to the user section and just click on the Resend Activation button and the user will receive an invitation email momentarily.


To set a password:

  1. Go to the “Users” section and click on “Set Password” on the top-right corner.

setpass-Nopass- two factor Authentication


2. A window will pop up that allows you to select a user and reset the password.

Reset Office 365 Password-Help


User Settings:

For assigning required/optional information for users.

  1. Go to the “Users” section and click on “Settings”.



2. Adjust as many required information as you need from users by checking the “Required” box. Once you are done with setting required attributes, click on the “Save” button.



Invite Inactive Users:

In case you like to send an activation email to all new and inactive users: Go to the “Users” section and click on “Invite Inactive User”.


Select send and inactive users will receive an invitation email momentarily.

Send User Setting Activation