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Contact Support  |  877-877-5587

Manage Organizational Units

For managing organizational units, select “Users” and then“Organizational Units” from the left side menu.   You can see the assigned users to any organizational unit on the right side of the screen by… Read More

Manage Groups

For Group provisioning, select “Groups” from the left side menu.   To add a new group, add the new group name to “+Add New Group” box and click on “+” blue button.   The… Read More

Manage Roles

For managing roles, select “Users” from the left side menu and then choose “Roles” from the submenu.   You can create a new role, simply enter the new role in the “Add New… Read More

Admin Privilege

For viewing and editing user privileges: 1.Select “Users” and then “Admins” from the left hand side menu.    2.Click on “Level of Privileges ” to view the different levels of user and group privileges. Read More

User Provisioning

Add New Users Select “Users” from the left side menu. Click on the blue “+Add User” button.   Please fill out the mandatory fields: Username, First Name, and Last Name. Click the “Admin Privilege” and choose a privilege… Read More

Roll out NoPassword to Your Users

Log into your admin account. Click on “Admin Portal” on your NoPassword Launchpad.   2. In the Admin Dashboard, from the left side menu select “Users”.   3. Click on the “+ Add… Read More

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