1. Login to Meraki Admin Portal and navigate to Organization > Overview > Settings.

Meraki Admin Portal


2. Navigate to the Setting page, under “SAML Configuration section, click on “SAML SSO” and select “SAML SSO Enabled“.

Meraki Admin Portal


3. Open the NoPassword Admin Dashboard. Select “Applications” from the left side menu and then select “Web App” from the submenu.

add sso click webapp


4. Click on “+ Add SSO App” button from the upper right corner.


5. A pop-up window will appear. Under the section: “1. Select your app,” click on “Search…”  and type “Meraki Cisco” in the search box. Select it from the drop-down menu.


6. Expand the Identity Provider section, and click on the arrow button to download both NoPassword Certificate fingerprint and Certificate file to your computer.


7. Go back to the tab with Meraki Admin Portal. Paste the copied “certificate fingerprint” to “x 509 cert SHA1 fingerprint” on SAML Integration section.

Meraki Admin Portal


8. Copy “Logout URL” from NoPassword Admin Portal tab.

Meraki- Log in


9. Paste the URL from NoPassword to “SLO logout URL (optional)” on Meraki SAML Configuration section.

Meraki Logout URL


10. Also, copy the “Consumer URL” from SAML Configuration section.

Meraki-SAML Configuration


11. Go back to NoPassword Admin Portal tab.

12. Expand the Service Provider section Meraki Cisco SSO window. Paste the  “consumer URL” to “ACS“.

Meraki Cisco SSO


13. Save the changes on Meraki Admin Portal.

changes/ Meraki Admin Portal.


14. Navigate to Organization > Configure > Administrator.

Organization > Configure > Administrator


15.  Click on Add SAML role.

CTS Administrators- Meraki


16.  Another window will appear. Add new Role and set the Organizational access. Then click on Create role.

17. Save the changes on Meraki Admin Portal.

Meraki- Create role


18. Go back to NoPassword Admin Portal.

19. Expand the Advanced Setup section Meraki Cisco SSO window. Add the “Role” created on Meraki Admin Portal to the section.

19. Save the changes on NoPassword Admin Portal.

NoPassword Admin Portal- Meraki


Meraki app is now configured! You will find the Meraki app in your assigned user dashboard. Simply click on the Meraki logo and you will be authenticated and logged into the Meraki page.

Meraki- assign users, groups


You can assign users, groups or organizational units to Meraki. Please see Administrator Guideline document for instructions. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 877-877-5587 or support@nopass.com in case of a question.