Here is the tutorial video for Blackberry user activation.


1. Download the “NoPassword for Blackberry” iOS or Android app. Here are also the links:

user account activation download googleplay user account activation download app store

2. Open the NoPassword app and follow the instructions.

3. Click on “Allow” and enable location services and enable notification.

 NoPassword enable notifications


4. Click on “Open” and allow the NoPassword app to open “BlackBerry Access” or “BlackBerry Work”.

 Blackberry Access

5. The BlackBerry app will automatically open, enter your “Email Address” and “Access Key“.

Blackberry login

6. If needed, your admin will provide you an “OTP (registration) code“. Please enter the code.

 blackberry OTP

7. You will be redirected back to NoPassword app. Set up your biometrics as instructed.

In order to setup face and voice recognition, please allow NoPassword to access your phone’s camera and mic.

NoPassword setup authentication


8. Start with fingerprint authentication.

If you haven’t already set up Touch ID on your iPhone, click here for the instructions.
For Android users, set up your fingerprint authentication by following these steps: Setting > Personal tab > Lock screen and security > Fingerprints

After you set up your fingerprint, go ahead and test it.

NoPassword Setup Touch ID


9. Set up your face authentication next. Find a well-lit place and avoid dark places, direct sunlight or strong backlighting and click on “Start Face Setup“. Face the camera and follow the instructions.

Move your head right and left. Nod your head, next. And Finally, smile when instructed. Once you are done, face the camera and test your face authentication.

 NoPassword Face Setup

10. Set up your voice authentication next. Please find a relatively quiet place. Click on “Start Recording” to set up your voice biometrics. Choose a passphrase and repeat it 3 times. Once you are done, test your voice authentication by repeating your passphrase.

NoPassword Voice Recognition


11. Finally, set up your pattern. Choose a pattern by swiping your finger between at least 4 dots. Please enter your pattern 3 times. Once you are done, test your pattern authentication.

NoPassword pattern authenrication


Congratulation! NoPassword app is ready to use.

NoPassword Blackberry