You may use delegate authentication if you have trouble logging into your NoPassword account. In order to start with delegate authentication, please open your login page, enter your username, and click on “Have trouble logging in?

Trouble Logging in


Choose the reason for your login problem. 

Logging problem


Click on “Request a delegate authentication“.

Delegate Authentication


Please enter the username of two of your colleagues who will be your delegates, and click on “Next”.

delegate emails


Your phone will be pinged first and if we don’t receive any response, we will start the delegate authentication process. This make takes a few seconds.

delegate authentication process


Your assigned delegate authenticators will receive a notification on the mobile phones. Both of your delegates need to accept the request and get authenticated on their phone in order to confirm your identity.

Delegate NoPassword Authentication


Done! Base on your company’s delegate authentication policy, you will either get redirected to your launchpad or receive an activation email. If you receive an activation email, please go ahead and set up your NoPassword account following the link on your activation email.

Any questions, feel free to call us at 877-877-5587 or email us at