I am locked out of my accounts, what should I do?

This may happen for multiple reasons:

If you are a first time user that hasn’t yet installed the NoPassword app, then click here for iPhone and Android instructions to download and install the app.

If you forgot your pattern, then you have to reinstall and reset your NoPassword app. Contact your admin and ask for a new activation code.

If you forgot your login email or received an invalid email on the login page, then Contact your admin.

If you got a notification that your Location Services is off and you are unable to use the NoPassword app to log into your accounts, then follow these instructions to turn on Location Services for iPhone or Android

I lost my phone, what should I do?

Contact your admin immediately and they will disconnect the NoPassword account associated on your phone. You accounts are still hack-proof because our accounts are accessible through your fingerprint or signature pattern.

I entered my email, what next?

If this is your first time using NoPassword and you haven’t activated your account, follow these instructions:

iPhone Users or Android Users
If you have already installed and activated your app, here are the instructions to use the id app.

I can’t find my activation email, what should I do?

Contact your admin and they will send you another activation email.

Can I reset my pattern?

Yes, if you are already signed into the app.

Click on the Setting icon on the top right corner of your NoPassword app, then select “Change Pattern” from the options. If you forgot your pattern and can’t access your app, you will need to reset your app and choose your pattern again.

How do I set up and enable fingerprint on my phone?

iPhone users:

Please follow Apple instructions to set up your Touch ID.

Android users:

Please launch the Settings app > Personal tab > Lock screen and security > Fingerprints.
First-time users will immediately be prompted to scan a fingerprint.

Do I need to set up my fingerprint?

Although logging into your accounts using your fingerprint is more convenient, you are not required to set up your fingerprints.
You can use patterns instead.

My phone is not equipped with a fingerprint reader, what should I do?

You can simply select a pattern and use this pattern to log into your accounts.

My phone battery is empty, how should I log in?

Contact your admin and they will offer you a limited time access to your Launchpad until your phone is ready to use again.

I left my phone at home, how can I log into my accounts?

Contact your admin and they will offer you a limited time access to your Launchpad until your phone is ready to use again.